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    Severe Toothache Pain Relief

    Medications for Severe Toothache Pain ReliefIn most cases of toothache, you would often visit a dentist for severe toothache pain relief or medication. That is because the most effective medications for such condition are narcotics, which includes hydrocodone, oxycodone and codeine. These analgesics are frequent used along with over the counter medications to increase its effectiveness. However, these medications cannot be purchased without prescription.

    When you visit your dentist for a toothache relief, you might be prescribed with antibiotics as well. You may not want it but this can be the best option against your toothache condition. Visiting your dentist will help you determine the severity of your tooth condition and learn how to fix and relieve it. Antibiotics cannot be consumed for a long period so you have to determine the duration with your dentist as well.

    Another effective medication against toothache is Tylenol 3. This is mixed with codeine, thus making it even more effective against toothache. Other products might be prescribed as well and like Capital and Codeine, APAP with Codeine and Aceta with Codeine. However, you may experience nausea with these medications but this can be prevented if you make sure that you eat your meal before consumption.

    Another effective relief against toothache is vicodin. This acetaminophen is often mixed with small amount of hydrocodone. Vicodin is not very common for toothache since it can be addictive. Another medication that you can opt for is Percocet, which is often mixed with acetaminophen and oxycodone. However, these drugs are often prescribed only for dental surgeries and severe pain.

    If you are looking for a severe toothache pain relief, take note the prescription may depend on the severity of the condition and the level of pain. Some patients may demand for a specific brand but it may not be what the dentist may prescribe. This is because dentists have to be very careful in prescribing narcotic based medications and can only hand out prescriptions for severe conditions.


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