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    Tooth Pain Relief

    Tooth Pain Relief

    Toothache can be a very irritating condition and this can be an indication that something is wrong with the tooth. The pain usually comes with reddening or swelling of the gums and tooth abscess may be present. In case an infection reaches the deepest part of your tooth – the blood vessels and nerve endings – this causes severe toothache.  However, before you opt for any tooth pain relief, it is necessary to determine the cause of the problem first.

    Toothache Causes

    • Gum Diseases: in this condition, the gums become inflamed, thus affecting the bone that supports the teeth. The plaque found on the tooth can be a breathing ground for bacteria and growth of bacteria can infect the teeth and the gums.
    • Wisdom Tooth: toothache can also be due to an impacted wisdom tooth. Most of the time, an impacted wisdom tooth is infected with bacteria and the best tooth pain relief for this is the removal of the tooth.
    • Tooth Decay: this is a very common and usually the main cause of tooth pain. Harmful bacteria on the tooth can secrete harmful acids that can destroy the enamel of the tooth, thus leading to the formation of cavities.
    • Sensitiveness of Tooth Root: tooth decay or untreated gum problems can expose the root of the tooth. Take note that these roots can be very sensitive and can easily lead to toothache. This is often experienced when consuming cold, hot or sour foods.
    • Injury: any injury to the mouth due to a powerful blow or forceful biting of hard objects can cause the tooth to crack, thus resulting to tooth pain.
    • Non-Dental Causes: impending heart attack, sinus infection and ear infecton are some of the non-dental causes of toothache.

    If you want to prevent experiencing tooth pain, make sure that you take care of your dental health. Maintaining proper oral hygiene is the best tooth pain relief that you can resort to, as this can help you prevent tooth decay, infection and other oral problems like cold sores.

    Toothache Remedies

    • Clove: to relieve tooth pain, simply held a clove under the affected tooth. You can also place a cotton swab with clove oil on the affected tooth to relieve pain. You can keep the clove or the cotton swab on the tooth until you cannot feel any pain anymore. Clove has natural analgesic properties but this can relieve the pain slowly.
    • Dried Peppermint Leaves: this can be placed on the aching tooth for at least 10 to 15 minutes before spitting it out. You can do this several times a day or until you are relieved of the pain.
    • Camphor: simply get a piece of camphor and press it on the affected tooth. You can also apply camphor oil around the tooth to relieve the pain.
    • Ice: applying cold compress to your cheeks where the affected tooth is located can also help relieve the pain. You can also place the ice directly on the affected tooth to numb it and reduce pain.
    • Fresh Peppermint: simply add fresh peppermint and salt in a cup of water and boil it for at least 5 minutes. Let it cool down and drink it when it is lukewarm. This is an effective tooth pain relief that serves as a painkiller.
    • Oil of Oregano: this has a natural antibiotic property that is helpful in preventing tooth decay.
    • Warm Saltwater: swishing or rinsing your mouth with warm saltwater can help reduce the pain and kill the bacteria.
    • Whiskey: drinking whiskey is also an effective tooth pain relief as it has natural anesthetic agent.
    • Iodine: putting a drop of iodine into the aching tooth can also help the pain subside but make sure that you do not swallow it.
    • Wheat-grass: applying wheat grass paste or chewing wheat grass is also effective against tooth pain.
    • Garlic and Onion: apply garlic paste into the affected tooth or press a slice of onion into it to reduce the pain.
    • Asafetida: you can create a paste out of asafetida by adding lemon juice into it. For toothache, simply apply the paste into the aching tooth.
    • Cucumber: hold a slice of cucumber under the aching tooth to relieve the pain.
    • Oats: this can also provide tooth pain relief by holding it on the painful tooth. Oats can help draw pus out from the abscess thus reducing the pain.
    • Oral Hygiene: brush your teeth after each meal, avoid eating too much sweet and fatty foods, regularly rinse and gargle with warm salt water, consume essential vitamins and minerals, go for a regular checkup with your dentist and include lots of fiber in your diet in order to prevent tooth decay.